£1bn decline in value of 2015 food sales

The Grocer’s Top Products Survey 2015, published today, shows that the combined value of fresh food sales in 2015 has decreased by £963m. This is largely attributed to the major retailers’ ongoing price war.

Some key points are given below:

In order of magnitude:

1.Vegetable sales decreased by £317.6m, although the drop in prices has meant sales volumes have increased by 1.5%

2.Meat sales decreased £234.5m. Volumes down.

3.Milk sales decreased by £165.2m.

4.Poultry sales decreased by £102.9m. Volumes down.

5.Cheese sales decreased by £68.9.

6.Butters, spreads and margarine sales decreased by £74.8m.

Fruit sales increased by £131.8m.

In isolation:

Potato sales decreased by £122.9m (greatest decrease).

Chicken sales decreased by £94.4m (second greatest decrease).

Strawberry sales increased by £37.5m (greatest increase).

Raspberry sales increased by £33.5m

A summary article can be found here.

The full report can be found here.

There are also more detailed reports for each category.

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