NFU represents global farmers in Paris

"We need fair and sustainable supply chains for everyone and we should be unwavering in our call for this approach."

Deborah Cawood, NFU head of food chain_275_413NFU head of food chain, Deborah Cawood, represented the NFU and World Farmers’ Organisation at a food chain analysis meeting held by The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris yesterday (30 October).

The two day meeting will attempt to provide an overview of key elements determining the distribution of value along the modern food chain. This includes price formation and its relationship with competition.

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Ms Cawood participated in the opening panel session about competition between food chain participants. A representative from Food Drink Europe and a competition lawyer in Brussels also took part in the discussion.

Deborah Cawood said: “We share the concern that markets are not functioning in a fair and balanced way across the food chain and globally we must deliver a better framework to safe-guard the future prosperity of the farming industry.

Perhaps the most important element of our policy thinking surrounds fairness. We need fair and sustainable supply chains for everyone and we should be unwavering in our call for this approach."

The WFO global trade objectives ‘achieved in a fair, transparent and predictable trading environment and one which ensures that agriculture can fulfil its wider economic, social and environmental role’ is something for us all to aim for."

This is the fifth OECD Food Chain Network meeting to take place. They are held every six months to discuss and analyse policy experiences about the food chain such as sustainability, health, competition, and transparency. The Network brings together government officials, industry stakeholders, NGOs, other IGOs and academic experts.

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October 30

Session 1: Setting the scene

Panel session 1: Competition between food chain participants

Session 2: Competition and value creation along the food chain

Panel session 2: Can farmers’ cooperatives provide countervailing power and improve their share of value along the chain?

October 31

Session 3: Competition and value distribution along the food chain

Panel session 3: Food retail prices: stakeholder views

Afternoon: OECD Competition Committee roundtable on competition issues in the food chain industry

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