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The UK dairy industry employs around 80,000 people. Dairy farmers produce approximately 14bn litres of milk each year, 30% of which is processed into cheese.

NFU Dairy Roadmap 2018

The NFU Dairy Roadmap aims to improve the environmental footprint of the UK Dairy sector whilst ensuring continues prosperity of the industry. The Dairy industry has 10 years of environmental commitment and the publication focuses on Climate change & Energy, Water, Waste & Recycling, Soil, Biodiversity and Air Quality.

Read the NFU Dairy Roadmap here

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Raising a glass on #WorldMilkDay 

On World Milk Day the NFU and farmers across the country celebrated all that’s great about milk and British dairy. Read more

Backing British Dairy

The Dairy industry has been in the press, with many claims made on its environmental impact and comparisons with alternatives, such as soya, almond and coconut drinks...

Lets look at the facts....click here for more information

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