Boosted retail sales for lamb

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Sales of fresh and frozen lamb have grown strongly in the last three months, AHDB has revealed. Kantar data for the 12 weeks to 11 August shows sales grew by 8.1 per cent in volume, compared to the same period last year.

This is excellent news for the sheep industry. Support for British farmers is currently very important as lamb prices are at present below the 5-year average.

AHDB said: "This year’s gloomier summer has helped boost sales of roasting cuts, which were shunned by consumers during last year’s heatwave, and historically have helped the lamb category. Additionally, the volume of lamb purchased per buyer increased by five per cent year on year, with the average UK household buying 1.5kg of lamb in the last quarter."

Richard Findlay, NFU Livestock Board Chairman, said:

“I am really pleased to see the data shows that the sales for fresh and frozen lamb are up on last year. This positive news comes at a time of great uncertainty for the lamb industry with the threat of no deal and the significant impacts the sector may face.  

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We hope consumers continue to support British lamb and we would like to thank those retailers who supported the Love Lamb Campaign. Early indications show that the campaign has had good cut through with consumers, inspiring them with dishes using lamb as the primary meat. It is vital that we get people excited about lamb and it features as part of regular mealtimes.

In the more recent four-week period lamb sales in total have continued to be in growth. This is a positive indication that good promotion does lead to a rise in sales. As the British lamb season progresses, it is important we continue to encourage retailers and the wider industry to maintain promotion such as the Love Lamb Campaign in order to ensure sales and support for the British lamb industry continues to rise”

AHDB Beef and Lamb Strategy Director Will Jackson said: “The increased retail sales results will be welcome news to sheep producers.

“As temperatures are cooling, there’s potential that more British shoppers will turn to hearty lamb dishes to warm themselves into the autumn. And, although Love Lamb Week has drawn to a close, the September phase of our lamb marketing campaign will continue to support lamb sales in our country.”

Love Lamb Week this year ran from 1 to 7 September. The £1.4 million AHDB campaign aimed to boost sales and consumer attitudes towards the meat. Now in its fifth year, the campaign was well supported by the NFU, Red Tractor and the National Sheep Association to name a few.

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