NFU joins call for RPA to finalise Commoners BPS claims

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The Foundation for Common Land has last week sent a letter to Defra Secretary of State Andrea Leadsom regarding the 2015 BPS common land payments, which the NFU has worked on and endorsed.

The letter addresses a number of key issues regarding the 2015 BPS payments for commoners at this time. Most notably it addresses the inability of the RPA to inform any claimant how payments have been calculated, there is a clear lack of reporting capacity and no full transparency.

As well as these key points, the letter also draws Ms Leadsom’s attention to suspected errors in calculating the eligible area of common land, mistakes in determining split right allocations of common right and incorrect allocation of common rights to a common in some cases with no Livestock Units appearing as being claimed.

Julia Aglionby, executive director of the Foundation for Common Land, concludes the letter with the following:

“We request that you require the RPA pays proper attention to rectifying and finalising commoners’ 2015 claims and ensures claimants are provided with access to the maps and a detailed breakdown of how their allocated area has been determined.”

Robin Milton, NFU Hill and Uplands chair added: "With 2016 payment window fast approaching, Minchinhampton based corrections delayed until next year and 2017 BPS forms months from being issued it is unacceptable that so many 2015 payments on common land are incorrect,unclear or outstanding" .

Read the letter here: JCWA-Leadsom-re Commons 2015 BPS 02-11-16

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