AHDB Potatoes planting declarations now online only

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Your statutory planting return to AHDB Potatoes must be made via the online portal this year. The levy team at AHDB has pledged that support will be available to all growers who need it, either over the phone or face to face in your own farm office.

Jack Atkins, Levy Assistant at AHDB said: “The change will bring several cost savings and benefits. The online system is quick, efficient and is the most secure way to handle personal data.

“Smooth collection of planting data will allow us to deliver our market services, such as our planted area estimate more quickly.

“We understand that this will not be everyone’s preferred option. That’s why we’ve created a step-by-step guide and are offering full support. I am waiting at the end of the phone, plus we have a team in the field who can visit you. We’re also training our regional Knowledge Exchange team on how to use the system – so if you need it you can have someone with you to walk you through your online return.”

The portal, which allows you to add information, stop, save and pick-up later where you left off, will be open from April.

Anyone with questions can contact Jack Atkins on:  02476 478602

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