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It has been just under a year since Tesco announced that it would recognise Red Tractor’s Fresh Produce standards as equivalent to its Nurture scheme. As a result, UK growers need only be a certified Red Tractor Fresh Produce member with no additional audit to supply Tesco. This reduction in both  audit burdenand duplication for UK growers was achieved through excellent collaboration between Tesco, Red Tractor and its certification bodies.

Since most growers will now have been through the new assessment process, Red Tractor and Tesco are actively seeking their feedback. They have created a short questionnaire for growers and primary suppliers to feedback their comments back on the registration process and the assessment itself. All Red Tractor growers supplying Tesco should now have received a direct email inviting them to take part in the questionnaire. If this has been misplaced then please contact Red Tractor on bWVtYmVyaGVscEByZWR0cmFjdG9yLm9yZy51aw== and a link to the questionnaire can be resent.

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