Fruit Focus 2013: New varieties and smart farming

New developments to help growers improve crop yields and quality have become a hallmark of Fruit Focus and this year is no exception.

Strawberries and handAdvances in varieties, nutrition, pest control and substrates will be on show at the event, which is expected to attract 1,200 growers and industry professionals and up to 120 exhibitors.

Fruit Focus 2013 takes place at East Malling Research, Kent on 24 July.

A new strawberry from East Malling Research (EMR) has been named ‘Malling Centenary’ to mark the 100th anniversary of the research station at East Malling. Malling Centenary will be officially introduced on the Meiosis Limited stand at Fruit Focus 2013.

Pest and disease control

Biological pest control specialist Viridaxis has launched an innovative release device for its natural aphid control systems. FresaProtect (for strawberries) and BerryProtect (for raspberries, currants, blackberries and blueberries) are supplied as tubes of parasitoids, each of which can protect 200m2 of crops. These now come with a protective system of their own.

Fertilisers and nutrition

Fruit Focus logoCampag-Swissgrow is highlighting one of its newer releases, Vittafos MKP, a purified potassium phosphite which can be applied as a foliar feed or via fertigation.

Visitors to the Prayon stand can see a new soluble fertiliser to promote root growth and plant development. Pbooster is a mix of polyphosphates and orthophosphates designed to replace conventional phosphate-based fertilisers, says Prayon.

A tool to provide precision nutrition advice tool to help growers optimise yield and quality is being demonstrated by Everris.

The AngelaWeb program contains over 1000 crop recommendations for fruit and ornamental crops at different growth stages.

Plant Impact is highlighting Ametros, its new calcium management product for tree fruit. Ametros’s plant-safe and effective formulation ensures growers can achieve high levels of calcium within the fruit with fewer applications, says Plant Impact.

Frost protection

A new frost protection product from Compo Expert said to significantly reduce yield losses in fruit and other high-value crops is being launched at Fruit Focus.

Compo Frost Protect contains cryo-protectants (substances that protect biological tissue from freezing damage), the stabilising nutrient boron and the natural anti-stress compound α-tocopherol to prevent flowers, young fruit and other susceptible plant parts being damaged by frost.


Precision Plus, a high quality coir from Botanicoir, is being aired for the first time at Fruit Focus.

Tickets for Fruit Focus 2013 cost £10 (inc VAT) and are available online or on the day; for more information on this and the event go to

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