Meet the Horticulture and Potatoes Board

Ali Capper - Chairman

Top fruit (including cider apples) and hops grower in Worcestershire.

Member of the National Hop Association and Hop Industry Committee.

Ali Capper_200_165

Guy Poskitt - Vice Chairman

Root vegetable grower in Yorkshire, producing more than 50,000 tonnes of carrots each year, as well as various other produce such as pumpkins, potatoes, swedes and parsnips. Guy was named Farmers Weekly Farmer of the Year in 2012.

MH Poskitt Carrots_200_133

Andrew Burgess

Director of Agriculture at Produce World. Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Associate Fellow of the Royal Agricultural society and is a Trustee for LEAF.

Andrew Burgess_200_189

John Cappalonga

20 years experience in the horticulture industry with a focus on growing Protected Sweet Peppers for supermarkets.  John owns and runs Netherhall Nursery in the Lea Valley.

John Cappalonga, Horticulture and Potatoes Board_42765

Tim Edwards

Hardy nursery stock grower and supplier to the landscaping industry, based near Wolverhampton.UK representative on European Nurserymen’s Association.

Tim Edwards_200_148

Alex Godfrey

Chairman of the NFU Potato Forum. After training and working as an Accountant for several years in London and Sydney, alex moved back to north Lincolnshire and started working for the family farm. The farm produces potatoes, pigs, wheat, rape, sugar beet and vining peas.

Alex Godfrey

Anthony Snell

Soft fruit grower in Herefordshire, producing 1500 tonnes of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and blackcurrants, both organically and conventionally.

Anthony Snell at Back British farming photograph_2

David Long

Top fruit and soft fruit grower at his 1500 acre family owned farm near Rochester, Kent producing pears, strawberries, arable crops and sheep.

David Long_275_183

Tim Papworth

Potato, pea and dwarf beans grower in northeast Norfolk. Chairman of the NFU Potato Forum.

Tim Papworth_199_145

Trudie Webster

Runs a family business, a glasshouse salad growing and production facility in Lancashire.

Trudie Webster, Horticulture and Potatoes Board_42772

Derek Wilkinson

Grows spring onions for marketing to retailers through G’s and a number of other products including legumes and asparagus which are marketed to retailers via Wealmoor.

Derek Wilkinson, Horticulture and Potatoes Board_42764

Sarah Dawson - co-opted

Field vegetable specialist and grower in Lincolnshire, growing over 500 acres of brassicas, some cereals and rotational legumes. The business produces high quality produce for the retail sector under a number of assurance schemes.

Sarah Dawson_200_176

Kersten Catella - co-opted

Vice-chairman of BPOA. The British Protected Ornamentals Association represents the needs and aspirations of all ornamentals growers of British pot and bedding plants. In addition, under the Home Grown scheme, producers of fruit trees, cut flowers, perennials, hardy nursery stock, and Christmas Trees are represented nationally.

BPOA logo

Robert Lockhart - co-opted

Robert Lockhart farms around 300 acres of light soils in South East Staffordshire on the Warwickshire border. Robert grows processing potatoes for McCain with contracts to supply in February, April and May as well as 200 acres of wheat and barley. Robert is the Vice Chairman of the NFU Crops Board, Chairman of the West Midlands Regional Crops Board, a member of the West Midlands Regional Horticulture Board, a member of the NFU Potato Forum as well as a Staffordshire Council member.

robert lockhart potatoes

Stephen Watkins - co-opted

Field vegetable grower based in Worcestershire. Member of the NFU West Midlands regional Board for Horticulture & Potatoes.

Steven Watkins_200_160

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