Bovine TB: compensation changes for non-bovines

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Defra has brought in compensation for non-bovine species affected by bovine TB.

Bovine TB affects bovine, non-bovine and mammalian species alike however, the predominance of incidence occurs within cattle in the UK. 

Compensation has historically been variable for non-bovine species and Defra consulted on this, and wider TB in non-bovine policy, in late 2016 where they proposed to pay 50% compensation values for non-bovine species. Following a robust response from the NFU, and other parties, Defra decided to pay 100% compensation values for non-bovine species (South American camelids, sheep, pigs, deer, goats). 

Defra brought the new compensation policy into force on 2 January 2018.

Defra has not actioned their commitments to wider TB in non-bovine policy and this is something NFU will continue lobby for.

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