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If you want to shape the future of the UK Sugar industry and work on behalf of all growers, here is your opportunity!

Each year, NFU Sugar holds elections for the vacant positions on the NFU Sugar Board and welcomes nominations from across the grower base.

NFU Sugar represents all growers through both a dedicated staff team and a democratically elected Board of grower representatives.

In 2018, the Board agreed an updated Terms of Reference which outlines the electoral rules in full. One change is the extension of Board position tenure, from two to three years. Following a transition period, from 2020 there will be three grower positions up for election each year, each for a three year term.

Your NFU Sugar Board elections this autumn...

  • All current sugar beet growers are eligible to stand for election to the Board; growers need not be a member of the NFU. In addition, professional farm managers who manage sugar beet contracts are also eligible to stand for election.
  • Candidates standing for election must be nominated by at least five growers. A grower is an individual grower of sugar beet in the UK contracting with the processor to grow sugar beet and paying levies in respect thereof. Nominations must therefore be made by the named contract holder.
  • Six Board positions are available: three of these positions will be for a three year term and three places will be for a two year term. The three candidates who obtain the higher number of votes will fill the three year terms. Newly elected members will join the Board at the March meeting in Stoneleigh.
  • To ensure reasonable geographical representation on the Board, in addition to the (existing) automatic requirement for grower representation from all four factory areas, a new provision in the Terms of Reference directs that the North East region will also have separate, automatic representation on the Board
  • If you are interested in applying you can find a copy of the nomination form below.  Alternatively, you may request a Microsoft Word version/paper copy by telephoning the NFU Sugar Helpline on 03700661974. This form must be returned to either [email protected] or to NFU Sugar, Agriculture House, Stoneleigh Park, CV8 2TZ.
  • Completed nomination forms must be returned to NFU Sugar before 11am on Monday 12 November 2018.
  • If more than 6 nominations are received by the closing date, growers will have the opportunity to vote (either online or by returning a ballot paper that will be sent out in November).
  • Each contract will have one vote per vacancy to be filled

Any potential candidate with queries about the electoral process can contact NFU Sugar through the NFU Sugar Helpline on 03700661974.

Alison Lawson, My NFU Sugar Board story...

Alison Lawson_57606

A role within the NFU Sugar Board provides many opportunities for your own personal development, and I would urge all to recognise and understand how helpful this can be in the day to day tasks of running a busy farm and contracting business.

Now as an elected member of the NFU Sugar Board I look forward to contributing further towards our important industry. At a time when challenges are all too easy to find, it's vital that growers with a passion for this cropping sector realise they can make a real difference to our future, and I would urge them to consider standing for election.

My background...

I  grew up on a family farm in South Norfolk where the contract harvesting of sugar beet formed the backbone of our family business. Always innovative, my father was one of the first to adopt and operate a six-row self-propelled sugar beet harvester. This machine caused the phone to ring a lot, with neighbouring farmers quick to see its many advantages.

Since then, I have always had a keen interest in the growing of the sugar beet crop which led to my full participation in the Sugar Industry Programme during 2014.

This excellent course introduced me to the many aspects of the NFU and its involvement within our sugar industry. In 2016 I became a member of the BBRO stakeholder board and soon took over the Chair.

Being involved with the BBRO Stakeholder board and the many amazing people who work and contribute towards the BBRO at all levels has been a complete pleasure, and has taught me so many things over the last 4 years. They are a great team who always go ‘the extra mile'.

A nomination form can be found here.

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