Authorisation granted for Leaf Miner Pesticide

BBRO have been granted an emergency authorisation today for the use of 'Biscaya' for the control of beet leaf miner. This 120 day emergency authorisation will not be renewed. Further information will be published here.

Guidance for pesticide application:

Growers and agronomists should inspect affected crops but only apply product if the number of eggs and larvae of the beet leaf miner exceeds the square of the number of true leaves (example 10 true leaves =100 eggs and/or larvae).

Applications should be made via a ground boom sprayer in a minimum water volume of 200 litres per hectare. No more than two sprays of Biscaya (maximum individual dose: 0.4 l/ha of thiacloprid) can be made to sugar beet crops, and no later than the end of 31 October 2015, or 35 days before harvest. It is a condition of the approval process that Biscaya should not be applied where bees are actively foraging or where flowering weeds are present

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