BBRO Weekly Advisory Bulletin 6 June 2013

Emergence Update
The BBRO continues to evaluate the emergence and establishment issues.  We thank growers and agronomists for the various samples and photographs received to date that are assisting us to target and design the most appropriate tests to clarify and understand the situation.  We welcome additional samples and photographs but now have sufficient information to start our tests.

Once we have received the reference seed lots, representing different varieties and treatments, we will instigate a series of tests for germination and emergence under standard and cold conditions. We will follow a range of protocols, both on filter paper and soil.  The reference seed samples and seed collected directly from affected growers will be tested.  The BBRO are undertaking these studies at our new facility in Norwich and in collaboration with colleagues in Europe where similar issues have been reported.  These tests are fully independent and the BBRO will report these results as soon as possible once all assays are complete and analysed. We hope to have initial results in approximately four weeks time.

Weed Control
There has been rapid growth of both beet and weeds in the recent warm, sunny conditions. Take care as new soft growth, together with large diurnal fluctuations in temperature, may make crops more sensitive to herbicides. However, on the whole, herbicide programmes have worked well. The main emphasis now is the control of volunteer potatoes, thistle and cleavers and checking fields for fresh weed emergence.  This is particularly important for gappy crops and ‘tall’ weeds such as volunteer oilseed rape which is still continuing to emerge in some fields.

Pest and Diseases
Few issues have been reported over the last seven days, but leatherjackets are still taking plants in some fields, also bird grazing continues to be reported in several locations.   Hopefully, these become less of an issue as the crop continues to grow in these current good conditions.  Aphids and Silver Y moths remain a rarity thanks to the cold winter.   The first signs of downy mildew have now been reported, particularly in Norfolk.

Cereals 2013 - 12th & 13th June
We look forward to seeing many of you next week at Boothby Graffoe in Lincolnshire.  The BBRO team will be on stand 5-E-504, where we will be running the Plant Clinic too, so please bring along any samples that you would like us to look at

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