British sugar beet industry applies for an emergency authorisation for Vydate

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Following the UK government’s decision not to reauthorise the use of the pesticide Vydate, the sugar industry has submitted an emergency authorisation application for Vydate to be used for the 2021 sugar beet crop.

The pesticide, manufactured by Corteva Agriscience, protects crops from nematode pests. It can no longer be sold, distributed or used in the UK. The storage and disposal of the product has been approved until the 28 February 2021.

NFU Sugar board chair Michael Sly said: “We are incredibly concerned that the decision on Vydate was made by government just one week before the authorisation ended, with no time for growers to prepare.”

“Vydate is an incredibly important tool for sugar beet growers, used on a limited and targeted proportion of the UK sugar beet crop by those farms most impacted by free living nematodes. Free living nematode damage causes Docking Disorder which can lead to yield losses of up to 50%.”

“There are currently no alternatives to Vydate 10G (either biological, chemical or varietal) for the control of free living nematodes in sugar beet, although trials are ongoing.”

“NFU Sugar and British Sugar have applied for an emergency authorisation for Vydate to be used for the 2021 sugar beet crop. We will keep growers updated on progress.”

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