Deadline for Load Complaints

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NFU Sugar would like to remind growers that the final day to raise a load complaint is two weeks following the last factory closing date.

In this case it will be 03/04/2019 and the closing date for appeals to be submitted is 17/04/2019. This is all detailed in the Growers Handbook on pages 57 to 59. If you are not sure then please contact the NFU Sugar office at Wissington (01366 377 481)

How do I raise a load complaint?

To raise a complaint you should contact either your delivery factory NFU representative or the main office at Wissington. You will need to have the following information.

  • Contract Number
  • Serial number of the load
  • Delivery date of the load
  • Type of complaint (Sugar or Dirt)

Even if you don’t have all the information to hand we can usually work it out and help you with the complaint.

For a complaint to be successful it needs to be outside of your normal range of load values. Look for dirt tares that spike up or sugars that dip, anything that isn’t the normal range.

The office will email a completed form to you (we can still post if that is what you prefer) and then it will be submitted to the next complaints meeting. The meetings are usually held every four weeks and are a joint panel of British Sugar and NFU representatives.

Following the complaints meeting you will be informed of the outcome and either an email or letter sent to you detailing the results.

Any adjustments will be made by British Sugar in the following 7 days and will show on your Beet Return. Any populated loads will also be adjusted to the same values.

If a complaint is declined and you feel it should have been adjusted then there is an Appeals Process to take the complaint one step further. Please contact the Wissington office if you want to take an appeal forward and the Beet intake Manager can offer you advice and assistance.

What does the NFU do for you?

  • NFU site staff have the authority to enforce the IPA agreement on behalf of every grower
  • Monitor and verify the weighbridge
  • Monitor and verify the sampling of your loads
  • Load complaints
  • Liaise with the growers and delivery drivers
  • Liaise with the on-site British Sugar staff
  • Keep the NFU Sugar team and Sugar Board up to date with developments
  • And much more

At the Tarehouse where the sugar content and dirt tare are measured

  • A team of 6 staff monitor and enforce the IPA agreement on your behalf to ensure the dirt tares and sugar results are correct
  • Oversee every aspect of the testing procedure and report back to the Beet Intake Manager each day
  • Witness and verify samples which have excessive dirt or stones in them
  • Witness and verify manual inputs (e.g. complaint results) to ensure the grower has the correct information recorded against their sample and will be paid what is rightfully theirs
  • Monitor the sugar results to ensure they are correct

The Team and Board

  • The NFU Sugar team is active on many levels on your behalf; from the field all the way to parliament
  • There are 5 full time team members who work for you along with 17 seasonal staff
  • Details on the Sugar Board can be found here 

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