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Mud on the road - what you need to know

Mud on tractor tyres_12331

Field work means there is an increased risk of high levels of mud getting onto the roads. As well as being illegal, this is a problem which has led to serious accidents in the past and it is essential that members take steps to minimise its impact.

You can read more in our briefing here.

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  • Posted by: Mrs Shirley LumbPosted on: 12/02/2016 17:07:11

    Comment: i live on east coast Filey it is digusting the way these farmers have no concern for other road users around here there is constantly mud all over the roads and not just a bit very dangerous to other users of the roads who do these people think they are they are not above the law which I think they think they are not only does it look a complete mess it is extremely dangerous it is about time they were prosecuted if you was in a car throwing mud all over the road I am sure the police would have something to say this should be the same for everyone not these farmers who disregard the law for the sake of a few minutes why can they not clean of tyres with brush or shovel before entering onto road or is this too much to ask for someone's live ,
  • Posted by: E PotterPosted on: 16/06/2017 22:11:00

    Comment: The roads where i live are often covered in thick mud its a real hazard, do I report this to the police or should i speak to the farmer, there are no signs up to say beware,. who is resposible and is it against the law to leave the road in this state
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