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Over the past 20 years, the sugar beet seed unit packaging has evolved from a siSugar beet drilling_183_275mple polythene formed bag, to the cardboard box we are familiar with today.

Aside from the innovative tear and pull mechanism, introduced over a decade ago, an increasing number of labels and text have appeared on the unit pack box since then.

But what do the text and the labels mean?

As a rule, labels are used to communicate the seed variety or treatment-specific information which are specific to the seed in the box. The printed text on the box represents standard information for all seed, some of which is statutory.

Your sugar beet seed box carries all the information required to ensure that you have full knowledge of the variety, treatments, safety and good practice considerations. It is important to keep the blue label or take note of all the information indicated on this label for reference.

Full information can be found in the guidance document here.Seed-label


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