Sugar survey - Wheat yield differences post beet

As growers progress through wheat harvest this year, the NFU would like to capture an overview of the levels of yield differences growers are experiencing between wheat sown following sugar beet at different times in the campaign and other yield impacts in rotation.

Using yields achieved on your own farm, please answer all questions which apply to your experience.

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  • Posted by: Stuart J BullardPosted on: 28/08/2013 20:23:25

    Comment: Loss of yield amounted to 4 tonnes per Ha loss after late lifted beet.In one case the field was hired out for potatoes as it was felt that the yield loss with a cereal would be to great.
  • Posted by: Luke Posted on: 30/08/2013 14:19:22

    Comment: We have seen one of the ex beet fields yield 3.4t/ha less than our other first wheats.
  • Posted by: David MurrellPosted on: 30/08/2013 15:46:35

    Comment: Sept drilled wheat after beet 4.4 tons acre, Feb drilled wheat after beet 2.62 tons acre
  • Posted by: John BarrettPosted on: 02/09/2013 15:45:55

    Comment: This survey assumes you get all drilled land after sugar beet. We left 50 acres out of 340 fallow.
  • Posted by: David SquirrellPosted on: 03/09/2013 19:41:19

    Comment: No winter sown wheat due to damaged beet land, so had to sow late spring barley with obvious yield penalty
  • Posted by: Mark SardesonPosted on: 09/09/2013 21:38:32

    Comment: First wheats drilled after rape averaged 4t an acre. Spring wheat drilled in April after the sugar beet carnage came out at 2.1t an acre.
  • Posted by: David EdwardsPosted on: 19/09/2013 17:05:11

    Comment: Our wheat after sugar beet was 2 t/ha less than our other first wheats

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