The Beet Brief: bringing the sugar market to you

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The Beet Brief, written by our Commercial Analyst Arthur Marshall provides a monthly run down of the latest from the sugar market and what it means for UK sugar beet production.

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Highlights from the September 2020 issue:

  • The average EU+UK white sugar price in July 2020 was €378/t, €1/t lower than in June.
  • Average prices in southern Europe are at their highest level post-quota, but values remain lower elsewhere.
  • December 2021 white sugar futures are trading over £21/t in UK beet price equivalent.

Previous editions of The Beet Brief can be found below.

September 2020

EU prices and futures linked contract values

August 2020

2021/22 contract announcement and EU+UK production forecasts

July 2020

VY impacts in North West Europe and stock drawdown

June 2020

First monthly bonus triggered, European yield concerns and world market rising

May 2020

Analysis of monthly European price changes, and view on extreme weather causing emergence issues.

April 2020

Price and consumption impacts of Covid-19. Meanwhile, EU sugar prices close to beet contract bonus trigger point

March 2020

World sugar prices tumble as oil prices fall, while EU average prices continue to steadily rise.

February 2020

World prices hit 33 month high, 2020/21 forecasts pointing to much smaller deficit as prices encourage more sugar from Brazil.

January 2020

EU prices remaining weak while world prices hit 14 month highs

December 2019

Crop updates around the world, seed ordering and ISO work on payment systems

November 2019

Rainfall and yield linkage, EU yields and 2020 forecasts

October 2019

2020 contract offer in detail, EU market update

September 2019

EU markets and crops, world prices

August 2019

World outlook, EU yields and currency

July 2019

EU prices, balances and forecasts, Mercosur negotiations and Saint Louis Sucre 2020/21 beet price announcement

June 2019

EU prices, updates from WABCG and CIBE and French industry disputes over factory closures

May 2019

EU markets and area projections

April 2019

EU markets, beet and sugar prices

March 2019

EU prices, world markets and further restructuring by Südzucker

February 2019

EU prices, import expectations and Südzucker factory closures

January 2019

Prices, EU campaigns and surplus price announcement

December 2018

EU sugar balance, import price parity and WABCG beet reception transparency study

November 2018

EU and world production forecasts, prices and sugar taxes

October 2018

EU prices, sugar demand and performance rules

September 2018

2019/20 contract details, EU prices

July 2018

EU price, contracts, rainfall and yields

June 2018

EU price, weather, world market and sugar taxes

May 2018

EU price, plantings, neonics and haulage scheme

April 2018

EU price, campaign and world market

March 2018

EU price, 2018/19 outlook

February 2018

EU surplus, exports and price premium

January 2018

EU price and balance

December 2017

EU price, balance, stocks and imports

November 2017

Price indications, Brazil and neonics

October 2017

EU price, currency and market-related beet price bonus value

September 2017

EU balance, world price and refining margin

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