Glossary of terms

Automatic Beet Sampler. This is a common term for the type of equipment used to take a sample of beet for analysis.

African, Caribbean and Pacific States

Automatic Digestion & Filtration Unit. This is the name of the piece of equipment which is used to carry out the cold water digestion method on the analysis of sugar in sugar beet.

British Beet Research Organisation. A non-profit making company set up jointly by British Sugar plc (BS) and the National Farmers' Union (NFU Sugar). Both BS and NFU beet growers pay BBRO a levy for the furtherance of sugar beet research and education. Current levy (2004) £0.12 per adjusted tonne.

British Sugar plc
The private monopoly buyer of the British sugar beet crop.

Surplus Sugar
Formerly known as C sugar, surplus sugar is that which is produced in excess quota. Starting in 2006, there has been an agreement in place that British Sugar buy this feom beet growers at a reduced price, similar to how C beet was handled.

The International Confederation of European Beetgrowers, including those producers outside the EU. The acronym actually literally stands for Confédération Internationale des Betteraviers Européens.

Crop Profitability Initiative

Everything But Arms (initiative). Initiative designed in favour of Least Developed Countries.

Early Delivery Allowance. This was loaded into the main beet price in 2006 and is no longer paid seperately.

Economic Partnership Agreements

General Agreements on Tariff and Trade (now known as WTO)

Growers Identification Card. This is a unique numbered card which a haulier uses to identify a grower's beet when it is delivered to a factory.

Generalised System of Preferences

Inter-Professional Agreement

International Sugar Organisation

Late Delivery Allowance

Least Developed Countries

Multi Bladed Saw. Type of saw historically used in the preparation of brei sample for analysis of sugar beet.

NFU (Sugar)
The body recognised by Defra under Section 17 of the Sugar Act 1956 as substantially representative of the Growers of sugar beet in the UK pursuant to Section 7 (3) of the European Communities Act 1972.

National Non-Food Crops Centre

A serious disease of beet carried by the polymyxa virus. Leaves show yellowing and roots are constricted with heavy 'bearding'. Yields and sugar content may be dramatically reduced. Rhizomania cannot be removed from infected soil.

Single Bladed Saw. Type of saw used in the preparation of brei sample for analysis of sugar beet.

Sugar Institutional Affairs Group

Sugar Beet
A root crop of the beta species. Similar in appearance to a parsnip but larger and containing a higher proportion of sucrose.

Vehicle Identification Card. This is a unique numbered card which identifies a specific vehicle, from a company, which delivers beet into a factory.

World Trade Organisation

World Association of Beet and Cane Growers

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