Newark Factory

NFU Contacts at the Newark factory

Your NFU representative is appointed by the NFU. Based at the sugar factory they can answer queries regarding sampling procedures and process complaints during the campaign. Direct NFU contact numbers for your representatives at Newark are:

Paul Baggeley/ Geraldine Bruce-Draghi/ Ian Foxwell - Tel 01636 706279

For any general sugar beet enquiry contact the NFU Sugar Helpline on 0370 0661974

Beet Reception Committee members can be contacted where required on the following numbers:

Joint Reception Committee Chairman
Graham Liddle 07889667642

Reception members
Chris Durdy 01302 868201
Andrew Baxter 01529 303038

Newark factory details

Agricultural Operations Manager
James Edwards 07753310779


  • The Newark factory produces over 250,000 tonnes of sugar annually.
  • There are 130 employees,150 during the campaign.
  • 1.5 million tonnes of sugar beet are produced by some 1,200 UK growers, at an average distance of 50km from the factory.

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NFU Sugar Helpline:
0370 066 1974

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