Wissington Factory

NFU Sugar at the Wissington factory

NFU Sugar Beet Intake representatives

NFU Sugar represents growers within the centralised tarehouse and at each factory on behalf of all growers though the campaign.

Based onsite at the British Sugar factories they can answer queries regarding sampling procedures and process complaints during the campaign.

Your representatives at Wissington are:

  • Greg Brighouse (Beet Intake Manager) Tel 01366 377 481
  • Jane Mackinder and Robin Liddell

For any general sugar beet enquiry contact the NFU Sugar Helpline on 0370 066 1974

Beet Reception Committee

The Beet Reception Committee (BRC) is comprised of NFU Sugar Board members and growers that deliver to the specific factory. Members of the BRC work on behalf of growers on factory matters and can be contacted where required on the following numbers:

Joint Reception Committee Chairman (NFU Sugar Board member)

  • Graham Liddle 07889667642

Beet Reception Committee members

  • Guy Wakeham 07759709617
  • Sam Markillie 01485 540259

Wissington factory details

Agricultural Operations Manager

  • Darren Thorpe 01366 325262


  • The Wissington factory is the largest beet sugar factory in the world and is one of the most efficient in Europe.
  • There are 270 employees,up to 350 during the campaign.
  • Over 400,000 tonnes of sugar is produced annually at Wissington.
  • Three million tonnes of sugar beet are produced by some 1,200 UK growers, at an average distance of 28 miles from the factory.
  • Beet samples are analysed in a central tarehouse at Wissington, which also serves all UK factories.
  • Wissington also produces 55,000 tonnes of bioethanol per year using their fermentation/distillation plant.