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Red Tractor will re-run its TV advertising campaign, beginning Thursday 28th March

The adverts are scheduled to run on Thursdays through to Sundays until the end of April on stations such as Channel 4, ITV and the Sky network.

Last Autumn's advert led to 1.4 million more shoppers planning to trade up to Red Tractor.  

Click here for more information about the campaign and a preview of the advert.

The message to consumers is that Red Tractor products are safe, traceable and farmed with care, and to look out for the Red Tractor label on produce when shopping.

Research has shown that consumers are twice as likely to buy Red Tractor labelled produce when they understand the meaning behind the label. 

Click here to find out how successful the first Red Tractor TV campaign was with consumers

Help support the campaign

On Twitter, post your farming photos, photos of tractors, and pictures of delicious Red Tractor meals using the hashtag #trustthetractor and remember to tag @RTFarmers and @RedTractorFood.

@NFUTweets will be covering the campaign and supporting Red Tractor to engage the public with their standards.

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