NFU helps win emergency authorisation for Cuprokylt

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The NFU has helped secure an emergency authorisation for the use of Cuprokylt on potato to control late blight.

The fungicide, which contains the active ingredient copper oxychloride, can now be used for this purpose only until 28 September 2018.

Cuprokylt is the only product available to organic potato growers for controlling late blight and the emergency authorisation comes at a key time of the season for them.

The authorisation document allows a maximum individual dose of 0.85kg/ha and no more than six treatments are permitted on any one crop with the latest application no later than 14 days before harvest.

The product must be applied every 10-14 days using a boom sprayer fitted with three-star drift reduction technology and in a water volume of 1100 to 1300 litres.

Click here to read the emergency authorisation document and learn more about the conditions of use including operator and environmental protections.

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