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NFU seals new deal for organic farmers

Organic farming members of the NFU can now save money on their certification scheme thanks to a partnership formed with organic control body Organic Farmers and Growers (OF&G).

Organic produce bagsOrganic NFU members who take up the OF&G offer can take advantage of a 20 per cent discount on their first year annual certification cost; and five per cent discounts on subsequent annual certification.

Farmers/growers that are already with both will get a five per cent discount from year two onwards.

NFU Vice President Adam Quinney said: “As a membership organisation, the NFU first and foremost provides representation and support for the farming industry.  The NFU also delivers a number of additional incentives for being in membership, such as legal assistance, business guides and affinity deals. The NFU has a select number of affinity agreements covering diverse areas such as satellite broadband, vehicles and health insurance to name a few. The purpose of these offers is to provide tangible benefits to assist NFU members in their daily farming activities.
“The NFU is offering an affinity deal which provides a discount on Organic Farmers and Growers certification for our organic members, however, as with all of our affinity deals, members will decide for themselves if they want to take advantage of this benefit.”

Find out how take advantage of this great new deal for members here

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