Aldi's caged hen eggs plan: NFU raises concerns


The NFU is raising concerns following confirmation from Aldi UK that it plans to move away from selling caged hen eggs.

The retailer is suggesting that this phase out commences in 2025. This comes after Aldi Australia’s recent announcement on phasing out caged eggs by 2025.

A NFU spokesperson said: “The NFU understands from Aldi UK and Australia that this is a reaction to changing customer demand. The NFU welcomes Aldi UK’s commitment to consult with their suppliers on how they deliver this ambition as it is vital that UK producers have  sufficient time and can afford to meet this change. We will be continuing discussions with the retailer on this.

“Poultry farmers invested £400million in the transition to enriched cages for laying hens in 2012. The NFU is keen that this recent investment and UK producers’ continuing dedication to animal welfare are not overlooked.”  

  • Posted by: Richard MorrisPosted on: 01/06/2016 19:42:40

    Comment: As a free-range producer I should be pleased, however we all know that in the mutiple retailers never-ending drive for cheap food, what Aldi are really at is by removing caged eggs from the shelves they will attempt to attract the consumer with free- range eggs at the same price as a competitors caged eggs.
    Put another way, the premium to cover the extra-costs and risks associated with free-range egg production, will disappear at the blink of an eye.
    I am well aware of the investment put in by caged egg producers to meet the 2012 battery cage ban and the retailers have responsibilty on behalf of the public to offer these eggs for sale, plus we maintain the essential premium for free-range production.