'Fake' inspector warning

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The NFU is urging members to review their visitor policies and ensure all staff are fully trained following reports of 'fake' inspectors trying to gain access to pig and poultry farms.

If you are uncertain about the identify of an individual asking for access to your farm you should clarify they are who they say they are. Visitor policies should include checking the ID of visitors as soon as they arrive on farm. Sometimes you will receive unannounced audits but even in these circumstances it is important to check the identify of the auditor and double check if you are unsure by confirming the credentials of individual’s with the relevant assurance body.

Top tips if you receive an unexpected visitor:

  • Before allowing anyone access to your poultry unit ALWAYS ask for ID; if you are still unsure contact their head office to confirm who they are and/or your packer/processor if you have one as they may be able to help you validate the visitors identity
  • If the visitor cannot produce suitable ID ask them to leave immediately
  • If you are still concerned inform your local police force and the NFU

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