Trade deal with Switzerland: give your views

20 May 2022

International trade
Switzerland flag

The government has opened a consultation on current trading arrangements with Switzerland. Find out more about trade with this small country that already has a big appetite for produce from the UK and have your say on any new trade agreement.

In 2021 we exported £175m worth of agri-food products, including more than £4.6million worth of cheddar cheese to Switzerland.

Our top exports include Scotch Whisky (£22m), breakfast cereals (£5.3m) and in 2019 we exported £6.6m worth of beef to Switzerland.

In February 2019, the UK and Switzerland signed the UK-Switzerland TA (Trade Agreement) which provides the basis for our trading relationship with Switzerland and is a platform from which we can begin the process of negotiating a new and more ambitious trade deal.

The TA replicates the complex set of agreements which governed the existing trade relationship between the European Union and Switzerland.

Switzerland maintains significant tariffs on imports of agri-food to its country.

Building on the existing agreements and securing enhanced preferential access for UK products to the Swiss market would definitely be an opportunity for our exporters.

Have your say

The NFU will respond to the consultation, so if you have any views on trade with Switzerland you would like to share please drop [email protected] email by 13 June.

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