An update on ELMs and SFI

Published 18 November 2021

Environment Farm business Agricultural Transition Plan

With Defra expected to make an announcement on ELMs before the end of November, our agri-environment advisers bring you up to date on what we know.

Defra’s current focus is on the development of the early roll out scheme for the Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) that will be available to BPS applicants next year.

Progress is also being made in piloting the Landscape Recovery and Local Nature Recovery schemes.

More information on all of this is expected in an announcement from Defra before the end of November. We continue to engage with Defra on the development of these schemes.

Parliamentary inquiries

There have been a number of parliamentary inquiries that we have been involved in. The most recent to report was the Efra committee inquiry on ELMs and agricultural transition. This flagged significant concerns about the delivery of the Environmental Land Management scheme (ELMs).

What happens next?

Defra continues to develop ELMs. The SFI pilot application period closed in September, securing 938 applications. Currently, agreement offers are being made for a three-year contract. Agreements could start as late as January. Pilot participants have seen a number of changes since the initial call for expressions of interest. We expect there will now be a period of stability.


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