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27 August 2021

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Welsh Water has extended the deadline for registering for its pesticide disposal scheme from 23 August to 10 September.

The disposal scheme is free and confidential and provides the opportunity to safely dispose of unwanted, out of date or unlicensed pesticides and herbicides. The scheme covers all of Welsh Water's drinking water catchment area, which includes those areas in England as well.

More information about the pesticide disposal scheme

The scheme is part of Welsh Water’s PestSmart project and offers safe disposal to farmers, growers, gamekeepers, foresters, and other land managers.

The aim of the disposal scheme across Wales and in Dwr Cymru Welsh Water’s Drinking water catchment areas in England is to safeguard raw water quality before it reaches water treatment works.

If you have previously taken part in the disposal scheme, you may still be eligible to take part in 2021.

What will be accepted?

  • Herbicide/weed killer
  • Sheep dip
  • Insecticide sprays
  • Slug pellets
  • Rodenticides
  • Fungicide sprays

What will not be accepted?

  • Oil
  • Veterinary medications
  • Waste oil
  • Farm yard effluent
  • Household pesticides and waste

Find out more information on the scheme, safe storage of chemicals, preparing for collection and more.


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