Help Red Tractor set the record straight on British beef and lamb

09 February 2021

Following the success of Red Tractor’s Love Chicken campaign in autumn 2020, the team are now campaigning to help shoppers choose better when buying beef and lamb.

Red Tractor's online influencer, Emma, fronts the campaign, which you can find out more about here and help share its messages.

Red Tractor has created the character of 'Emma', a mum who prefers to buy British, always has an eye on value for money when shopping for her family, and is keen to find out how Red Tractor can help her and other shoppers like her buy trusted British food and drink that is safe, affordable and of high quality.

Get behind the campaign

Red Tractor is asking NFU members to get behind the campaign and help share the online and social media content they've created, which includes:

Click here to visit the Red Tractor website to find out more about the campaign.

What are the health benefits of red meat?

  • A healthy, balanced diet includes many aspects of different types of food.
  • The NHS Eatwell Guide, which is created by leading nutritionists, highlights that animal products have a critical role to play in our diets.
  • A balanced plate should predominantly be made up of plants, fruit and vegetables, but the presence of a moderate amount of animal-based products does create the most healthy offering.
  • Animal-based products are richest in terms of key nutrients, particularly protein and essential amino acids.
  • Animal-based products help ensure you get the correct balance of amino acids from the whole plate, not just the meat component. This is because an appropriate serving of red meat aids absorption of the nutrients we gain from plant-based foods. By eating responsible amounts of red meat, you’ll not only benefit from the key nutrients in the meat, you’ll also get the most out of all the vegetables on your plate.

How often should we be eating meat?

  • The WHO advises 70g of red meat per day as a maximum.

How do British farmers lower their impact on the environment?

  • British red meat is embedded in our rural community, as well as the type of land we have in the UK. The UK landscape, soil and weather make it challenging to use parts of the land for arable systems. That’s why the UK is very good at growing grass and raising animals, which use that resource.
  • British farmers are also now focusing on environmental parameters. The NFU is committed to an ambitious goal of reaching net zero across agriculture in England and Wales by 2040. Farmers across the country are pledging their support for net zero.

How is the NFU promoting the Red Tractor beef and lamb campaign?

• We are sharing Red Tractor messages across social media platforms, such as this Facebook post below.

• We are updating our Red Tractor campaign news on NFU Countryside.

How can I get involved?

Look out for this campaign on social media in the coming weeks.

To lend your support you can:

  • Tag Red Tractor in your social media posts.

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