Live Instagram Q&A with NFU Vice-President David Exwood

19 May 2022, 10:00 – 15:00

@nfulife on Instagram

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Instagram Q&A with David Exwood on 19 May

On 19 May NFU Vice-President David Exwood will take over the NFU's Instagram channel, @nfulife, and answer your questions live from his farm in Sussex.

You can ask any farming question and previous sessions have seen NFU officeholders talk about their favourite place on the farm, why they got involved with farming in the first place and what it's like to be an NFU officeholder.

You don't need an Instagram account to take part - you can send in your question by filling out the form below and we will ask them on the day. If you do have an Instagram account, head over to @nfulife the day before we go live (18 May) to send your question via our story.

Not on Instagram? No worries

David Exwood

NFU Vice President

David believes that the future of farming isn't about managed decline and dependence on environmental payments, it's about creating new opportunities for profitable food production alongside net zero and biodiversity.

He is a first generation beef, sheep and arable farmer over 1000 tenanted hectares and a thriving farm shop. He understands the agriculture industry from all sides.

His wide experience both in Parliament and the media means he is well placed to represent agriculture outside our industry. 

He has worked at the heart of the NFU as a Regional Chair and on Governance Board and understands the NFU and how it can help farming businesses at a time when the demands on farmers and the NFU are going to be greater than ever.

Officeholder responsibility

  • Plant health
  • Competitiveness and productivity
  • BPS Transition (NELMs/BPS)
  • Regulation review and enforcement
  • Planning, housing, rural development
  • Agricultural transport
  • Agriculture supply chain relations
  • Infrastructure (HS2, Roads etc)
  • Rural broadband and mobile communications
  • Health, safety and wellbeing
  • Rural crime
Event details
Start Date
19 May 2022 at 10:00
End Date
19 May 2022 at 15:00

@nfulife on Instagram