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The loss of certain seed treatments poses a significant threat to the success of some crops, particularly maize and fodder beet. NFU members can fill in the survey on this page to help to build evidence for lobbying.

Currently seeds treated with PPPs (Plant Protection Products) that are not authorised for that use in Great Britain, but are authorised in an EU member state are permitted to be imported, marketed and used in Great Britain, under Article 49(1) of Regulation (EC)1107/2009, up until 31 December 2023.

However, from 1 January 2024, only seed treated with a PPP that is authorised for that purpose in Great Britain will be permitted for use in Great Britain.

This change in regulation is causing significant concern, particularly for growers of maize and fodder beet, that rely heavily on the use of seed treated with EU approved bird repellent and fungicide.

There are currently no seed treatments licenced for application to maize or fodder beet in the UK. This issue also affects a number of vegetable crops and a small number of cereals.

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The NFU has formed an industry working group, including the MGA (Maize Growers Association), NIAB, seed companies and the AIC to inform and support lobbying of government to address this issue urgently.

The working group have launched a survey to rapidly gather information on the extent of the potential impacts of the loss of treated seeds on farm businesses.

The information will be used to reinforce the importance of access to these seed treatments through lobbying.

The survey will close on 17 May.

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