Morrisons help Britain's struggling pig producers

04 November 2021

Food supply chain

The NFU is welcoming a move by Morrisons to help alleviate the pressures on Britain’s struggling pig farmers.

The pork sector, along with many other farming sectors, has experienced a labour shortage of abattoir workers as well as difficulties in exporting product which has led to a growing backlog of pigs.

Morrisons says it will now increase the volume of pigs being processed and reduce the price of pork products in store.

The retailer says it has also invested in automating processing sites and is adopting new processes to enable them to take up to 3,000 more pigs per week.  In addition, to help speed up the process and get pork to customers quickly, in-store butchers will now be receiving more bone-in pork joints from Morrisons own abattoirs to finish the products ready for shoppers. 

Meanwhile, seasonal cuts such as joints, chops, bellies and steaks have been reduced in price to help encourage customers to support British farmers and buy more pork products. 

NFU comment

“This move from Morrisons to support British pig producers at a difficult time shows the retailer’s continued support for British farming.

“British farmers across all sectors are under increasing pressure and it is imperative that the supply chain comes together for initiatives like this one to mitigate these challenges.”

Pigs Retailer

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