NFU at COP26: Delivering a decarbonised agriculture sector

10 November 2021

Climate change and renewables Farm business Net zero
Solar panels in a field

We joined up with the Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA) to co-chair a COP26 panel discussion on how agriculture can use a variety of renewable energy technologies to decarbonise our sector on the way to net zero emissions.

The event took place on Tuesday 10 November during COP26. 

You can watch a recording of the event here, where prominent developers in the renewables and clean tech industry discuss opportunities for the agriculture sector and highlight further innovations under development.

The presentations were then followed by a 45-minute panel discussion.

Speakers and presentations

  • Jonathan Scurlock, Chief Adviser, Renewable Energy, NFU and Nina Skorupska, Chief Executive, REA – Introductory overview and context
  • William Cracroft-Eley, Chair, Terravesta – The role of bioenergy perennial crop production in decarbonisation
  • Philipp Lukas, Chief Executive Officer, Future Biogas – Continuing to grow the biomethane potential in agriculture
  • Neil Lindsay, Land and Development Director, Solar2 – How solar PV projects can help farmers
  • Charles Stevenson, General Manager, JCB – Decarbonising agricultural machinery

Discussion topics

  • What are the key challenges to agricultural decarbonisation?
  • What role does agriculture have in contributing to decarbonising the UK energy systems?
  • Where are the potential technological innovations we need to see to allow the agriculture sector to meet its net zero ambitions?
  • How is innovation changing the emissions associated with agricultural vehicles?
  • What are the barriers and key policy solutions required for the wider adoption of low carbon farming techniques?



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