NFU Harvest Survey 2023

20 September 2023

James Cox

James Cox

NFU Combinable Crops Board vice chair and NFU South West Crops Board chair

A picture of a wheat harvest in operation, on a sunny day with blue, cloudy skies, and a green tractor and yellow combine harvester in a field of harvested wheat.

Have you filled in the 2023 harvest survey? It helps us to build a detailed picture of yields across the country. NFU Combinable Crops Board vice chair James Cox is encouraging all growers to take part in our Harvest Survey 2023, which closes on 1 October. 

We've recently launched our Harvest Survey 2023. This year's data will be especially important, as we assess the impact of the fertiliser crisis, escalating input costs, market volatility, and difficult weather for some regions.

Take the harvest survey

I’m conscious many of you will have already filled in surveys for the NFU this year, and I thank you for taking the time to do so. These surveys help to shape and provide evidence for our policy asks and help us to champion the cause of British arable farming.

In fact, all these surveys are related, because the harvest survey will provide more detail of the impacts of the many challenges during the past year, how you have adapted to them, and how they have translated into grain in store.

The value of regional input

We’d also really like to have a good number of respondents from each region, because the that can also tell us a great deal about the variations across the country, especially in terms of the weather. The more regional data we have, the more tailored we can be when talking to MPs and officials and the more relevant a case we can take.

Small effort, big gain

This survey will only take a few minutes, and should be undertaken once you have finished harvest to get the most accurate figures possible. Those few minutes will help us build a strong evidence base of how the harvest has gone across England and Wales.

The survey will close on Sunday 1 October 2023. 

Tips for completing the Harvest Survey 2023

Please read this carefully before completing the online questionnaire.

  1. Please do not fill in your survey unless your harvest is complete.
  2. If your harvest is not complete by the survey deadline, please give the average yield realised on the area harvested to date.
  3. Yield estimates should be based on dried samples. If this is not possible, please adjust to give your best estimate of yield on a 14.5% (approx.) moisture content basis for cereals, 9% for oilseeds and 16% for proteins.
  4. Areas planted – record the same areas as you entered on your June Census return.
  5. All figures must be in metric units, (tonnes and hectares).
  6. To convert to hectares, multiply the area in acres by 0.405.

Take the harvest survey

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