Organic forum chairman Andrew Burgess looks to the new year

30 December 2020


Looking ahead to 2021, the NFU organic forum has set out an ambitious new strategy for the sector.

The forum aspires to champion science and innovation within the organic sector, working with natural processes to find solutions to farming problems. The organic sector is working hard in the development of new biological practices. For example, the biological control of aphids through the introduction of predators and maintenance of habitats and margins, which can be as successful as using a pesticide. I believe many of these practices will migrate into conventional farming systems. We plan to explore and discuss these developments among industry experts, agricultural students, and farmers alike.

During the coming year, whether it is virtual or hopefully on farm, I would love to get university lecturers connected with agriculture to show them the current practices in organic production. This in turn will help knowledge sharing and ensure that they can take that understanding back to students and help engage the next generation with the possibilities in organic farming. I would also like to get organic members onto farms again, virtually or in person, which will help to showcase the best of the best and help them to improve their business.

Finally, the forum will continue its work defending and protecting organic businesses to ensure organic farming can thrive. We are working to understand what the NFU’s net-zero ambition looks like for the sector and how future agricultural policy and trade deals can provide opportunities for the sector.

Andrew Burgess
Chair, organic forum

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