Red Tractor launches new promotional campaign for chicken

20 October 2020

Red Tractor is helping shoppers understand more about their choices when buying chicken, through their new online influencer, Emma. Find out more about the campaign here, and how you can help to share its messages.

Red Tractor has created the character of 'Emma', a mum who prefers to buy British, always has an eye on value for money when shopping for her family, and is keen to find out how Red Tractor can help her and other shoppers like her to buy trusted British food and drink that is safe, affordable and of high quality.

Click here to visit the Red Tractor website to see video content from Emma

Red Tractor is asking NFU members to get behind the campaign and help share the online and social media content they've created, which includes:

  • A video where Emma visits a chicken farm to speak to a farmer about his work, what he must do in order to meet Red Tractor assurance and what goes into the welfare of his birds every day.
  • A video where Emma speaks to Professor Guy Poppy, a food safety expert, about what sets British chicken standards apart from the rest of the world, what chlorinated chicken means and the different Red Tractor chicken logos.

How is the campaign being promoted?

The 'Emma' content is part of a wider Love Chicken, Love Red Tractor campaign. As well as Emma's video diaries, the campaign covers:

  • What Red Tractor does
  • Who Emma is
  • What makes British chicken standards world leading
  • The different Red Tractor logos
  • Why this all matters for consumers

How else can I get involved?

Look out for this campaign on social media in the coming weeks. Red Tractor will be posting content on its Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

To lend your support you can:

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