Rollout of E10 biofuel good news for farmers and green agenda

25 February 2021

Climate change and renewables

Responding to the government announcement that the rollout of E10 will begin from September 2021, NFU crops board chairman Matt Culley said: “The NFU has long been calling for the government to authorise E10 fuel and it is great to hear that it will start to be available at UK forecourts from September.

“Not only will this mandate provide a boost for the UK wheat and sugar sectors, it will play an important and immediate role in delivering the government’s green agenda, especially as it may be some years before we are able to make a countrywide shift to fully electric vehicles.

“E10 is a great example of how investment in farming and the rural economy can benefit the whole country. British growers have the ability to deliver more renewable fuel for the nation, alongside continuing to produce the country’s larder staples, and we should do all we can to maximise that potential to help drive green growth across the economy.”

More info:

E10 is a type of petrol which contains 10% renewable bioethanol. Currently UK forecourts provide E5 petrol which only contains 5% renewable bioethanol.

Over 95% of cars on the road are warranted to run on E10 and, once rolled out, it would be equivalent to taking 350,000 cars off the road.

British agriculture has an ambition to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040, and increasing farming’s delivery of renewables is part of this. Net zero is a key theme of the NFU’s new Levelling up rural Britain report which demonstrates how investing in rural Britain can help the government deliver nationwide green economic growth.


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