Virtual meeting on new Zealand trade deal

21 April 2022

West Midlands
National flags together to represent the trade deal.

National flags together to represent the trade deal.

Credit: Maksym Kapliuk / Alamy Stock Photo

Herefordshire NFU is inviting all regional members to a virtual event with a representative of the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Our new trading relationship will be put under the spotlight at the online meeting on 26 April with Dr Chris Kebbell. He is New Zealand’s Primary Industries / Agriculture Counsellor based at the New Zealand High Commission in London. 

Clare Greener, out-going Herefordshire county adviser, set up the meeting with county chairman Bill Quan and Sarah Faulkner, NFU policy manager.

She said: “We are delighted that Chris has agreed to spend time with us providing his thoughts on this brave new world from a New Zealander’s perspective and he is very well qualified to comment.

“He will be share his thoughts on New Zealand’s approach to trade and the UK’s new trade agreements and opportunities for closer collaboration.”

The meeting will start promptly at 7pm and for further details and to book please contact the regional office on 01952 400500.

Dr Chris Kebbell graduated as a veterinarian / post graduate diploma in meat industry operations from Massey University New Zealand and spent two years in mixed animal practice.

He then joined the Ministry for Primary Industries (Ministry of Agriculture) as a frontline meat veterinarian before moving to Wellington head office (New Zealand Food Safety Authority) in 2002 as programme manager for by-products (inedible). 

In 2004 Chris was appointed New Zealand’s veterinary counsellor to the European Union (Brussels) managing the New Zealand EU Veterinary Sanitary Agreement and relationship, including standards equivalence recognition. 

Upon returning to New Zealand, he held manager roles in teams responsible for imported foods and free trade agreement implementation.

Appointed Director Verification Services, leading Ministry for Primary Industries verification and certification delivery service provider (Govt veterinary and non-veterinary verifiers) in 2012, until he was appointed to his current role in 2018.

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