Inclusion, diversity and equity – Being One NFU

Arron Kennedy, Charlie Kifford, Emily Brown

At the NFU, we want to ensure that all members and colleagues irrespective of role, gender, race, age, disability, religion/belief, sexual orientation or farming type feel welcome.

Our commitment

  • We commit to creating an inclusive culture for our members and colleagues alike.
  • We recognise that diversity helps us work better and we support the development of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity in our industry.
  • We support the development of our members and colleagues by raising awareness of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity through learning and development.

Our core values

Being One NFU is at the heart of everything we do – working to create a sense of unity of purpose and collective endeavour for all colleagues and members and to live by our core values of professionalism, resourcefulness, being united and inclusion.

As an inclusive organisation, we strive to create a sense of belonging and a positive environment where everyone can bring their true self to work. We work to ensure all colleagues feel valued and supported to reach their full potential.

We believe that diversity helps us to work better. Different perspectives foster innovation. People from different backgrounds, and with different experiences, bring a different perspective to the challenges our members face and make us a more effective organisation.

“A commitment to be an inclusive organisation is not something we do just because it is right, although it absolutely is. It’s also crucial to our future as an organisation, and as an industry. 

NFU President Tom Bradshaw

Being One NFU

We recognise that everyone should be treated equally. But we acknowledge that, sometimes, people may need to be treated differently to ensure meaningful equality of opportunity.

Creating an inclusive and diverse organisation takes time and the path to achieving it will not always be straightforward. Culture, behaviour, organisational and individual actions all play a key part.

That’s why, to help us achieve our aims, we foster learning, promote understanding and raise awareness of inclusion, diversity, equality and equity and challenge behaviours that fall below what we should reasonably expect.

We also actively seek opportunities to foster diversity and recognise and celebrate our culture, including our core values and collaborative working, as One NFU.

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