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Election Manifesto Farming For Britains Future Final
NFU election manifesto: Farming for Britain's Future

Our general election manifesto – Farming for Britain's Future – outlines our key asks of the next government to ensure farmers and growers can continue to deliver for the environment, economy and local communities while producing more of the great British food we all enjoy.

Out Of Home Report
Food, Farming and Hospitality Report

Food and drink matters – to businesses, customers and the farmers and growers who produce it. The NFU wants to work with the out of home market more closely, to build partnerships and enable British food and drink to be a part of businesses brand and story.

British Farming – Inspiring A Nation
British Farming – Inspiring a Nation

British farmers and growers are inspirational. No other sector provides the foundation for the country’s largest manufacturing sector, food and drink; acts as custodians of the iconic British landscape; is central to a thriving rural economy; and is essential to the country’s net zero ambitions.

The Foundation of Food report cover
The Foundation of Food

This report builds on the work done on soils in the NFU’s ‘Our environment, our food, our future’ report. It shows in more detail the proactive work farmers and growers are doing to improve soil health. It looks at the benefits of good soil management, and the challenges and opportunities that farmers face in protecting and enhancing our soil while producing climate-friendly food.

Growing our agri-food exports to 2030 and beyond
Growing our agri-food exports to 2030 and beyond

The NFU has outlined its export strategy to grow the UK’s agri-food exports by 30% by 2030, bringing the total value of UK agri-food exports to over £30 billion. The new ’30, 30, 30+’ ambition is designed to be achieved in partnership with government and should be a driving force to showcase the fantastic British brand and put British food on plates across the world.

A picture of the cover of the NFU Conference 2022 Report
British farming: A Blueprint for the Future

Our NFU Conference 22 report puts forward a clear plan for a resilient, sustainable and productive agricultural sector that is good for shoppers, the environment and for British farmers. Launched on 22 February 2022.

Levelling Up Rural Britain (2)
Levelling up rural Britain

Launched at NFU21, Levelling Up Rural Britain highlights how British farming and rural communities can provide the solution to many of the challenges the nation faces by driving sustainable food production and pioneering food policy that produces carbon-neutral food.

British Food Leading The Way (1)
British Food: Leading the Way

Our 'British Food: Leading The Way' report, launched on Back British Farming Day 2021, shows how the UK can reduce its reliance on food imports by harnessing the growth opportunities for home-grown foods, increasing British sourcing in public procurement, and through ambitious food and trade strategies.

The Facts About Meat And Milk (1)
The facts about British red meat and milk

British red meat and dairy has a great story to tell. But that story often gets drowned out because of the tendency to portray all farming all over the world as the same, even though it isn’t. This document helps dispel some of the major myths and misconceptions about British red meat and dairy production, their impact on the environment and the importance of red meat and dairy as part of a balanced diet.

United By Our Environment, Our Food, Our Future
Food: United by our environment, our food, our future

Farming has played a key role in shaping the countryside we all enjoy today. Every sector – livestock, arable, horticulture, upland, lowland, organic, conventional and tenanted – and every type of farm continues to carry out a huge amount of work to protect and enhance the landscape, encourage wildlife, benefit soil and water, and reduce their impact on the climate.

Our Journey To Net Zero Cover
Our journey to net zero: Farming's 2040 goal

Ahead of COP26 in Glasgow the NFU gives an update on its 2040 net zero ambition, how British farmers are producing climate-freindly food and what is needed to make sure the industry remains a global leader.

NFU Tree Strategy July 2021 Front Cover
NFU Tree Strategy

The NFU's Tree Strategy, published in July 2021, sets out key factors that must be considered when government is developing new tree-planting policy. Among others, it recognises the need to ensure the right tree species are selected to match the location and the need to address existing barriers to tree planting.

Inspiring STEM Learning Through Agriculture
Inspiring STEM learning through agriculture

The NFU's Inspiring STEM learning through agriculture report demonstrates how farming and agriculture can be used effectively in the classroom to deliver crucial science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) lessons through real world examples.

Integrated Water Management
Integrated Water Management

The NFU's Integrated Water Management report calls for urgent action and investment to bring water infrastructure up to date to better cope with extreme weather events, from flooding to drought. The report sets out why a long-term, collaborative approach is needed, and how the NFU is calling for farmers and land managers to be part of the solution and take on-farm action to help achieve these goals.

British Farming Setting The Standard
British Farming Setting the Standard

British Farming: Setting the Standard gives examples of British farmers' high standards in areas such as traceability, animal welfare, plant health and the environment. It makes clear that future trade should celebrate and promote our high standards, rather than undermine them.

NFU Yearbook 2021
NFU 2019-2020 Yearbook

From consultations and campaigns to Brexit and Bills, the NFU Yearbook shows members how the NFU has worked for them and their farm businesses over the past year.

Doing Our Bit For Net Zero Cover
Doing Our Bit for Net Zero

This booklet includes 26 case studies, from farms across England and Wales, showing how farmers are working towards net zero. The examples represent every farming sector and cover each of the three pillars outlined in the NFU's net zero plan: productivity, carbon storage, and renewables and bioenergy.

Improving Pesticide Regulation
Improving Pesticide Regulation

The challenges and opportunities of transferring EU pesticide regulation into UK law.

The Future Of Food 2040
The Future of Food 2040

The Future of Food report looks beyond Brexit to 2040, exploring what we'll be eating, how we'll be buying it and the technologies that will influence food production.

Combatting Rural Crime Report 2018
Combatting Rural Crime July 2018

The NFU is committed to making sure that farmers are not seen as a 'soft target' for criminals. Peaceful rural places may seem to be the last place to find criminal activity, but farming communities are often subject to a range of serious crimes (2018).

Food Chain Manifesto
UK Food Supply Chain Manifesto

Food is essential to us all. The UK food chain is passionate about providing a safe, affordable and secure supply of food for the country. However, Brexit presents an unprecedented challenge to the affordability, availability, and choice of food for UK consumers (2018).

NFU Dairy Export Strategy Front Cover
NFU Dairy Export Strategy

This report identifies a raft of actions and recommendations that will enhance the industry's export performance and add value through selling more great British dairy products abroad.

NFU Landscape & Access Report Front Cover
NFU Landscape & Access

Our NFU Landscape & Access report showcases the extensive role British farming plays in maintaining the nation's iconic landscapes, and sets out how future policy needs to enable farmers to continue this pivotal role.

Achieving Net Zero Cover Image Resaved In Canva
Achieving Net Zero: Farming's 2040 Goal

Achieving Net Zero: Farming's 2040 Goal (September 2019) sets out three pillars of activity that will help the industry to reach its ambitious goal.

Delivering For Britain – Food And Farming In The Fens (1)
Delivering for Britain: Food and Farming in the Fens

Food and farming in the Fens has been delivering for Britain for hundreds of years. It was the prize of farming its fertile soils that first led to the Fens being drained, transforming it into the powerhouse of productive agriculture and horticulture it is today.

Screenshot (8)
Building our new relationship with Europe

The four UK farming unions highlight the importance of building a new relationship with the EU and working together on areas such as trade, food standards, and science and innovation.

NFU Flooding Manifesto
NFU Flooding Manifesto

We recognise that farming has a key role to play in flood management. Where farmers provide a service in mitigating flood risk to help protect others this must be a coherent, planned component of total catchment management, for which farmers must be fairly compensated. In short, the government’s strategy to manage future flood risk must be to Plan, Protect and Pay.

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