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NFU Tenants’ Service

Providing professional advice, information and representation to actively support our tenant members.

7 ways we’re here to help you

1. Dedicated helpline

Call our Tenants’ helpline on 0370 300 0288 for assistance and professional advice from our team of specialist advisers on tenancy issues.

2. Free guides

Access our free Tenants’ Business Guides for background information and guidance on Agricultural Holdings Act tenancies, farm business tenancies, rent reviews, arbitration, succession, Notices to Quit, plus many other agricultural business topics. These user-friendly, easy to understand legal guidance booklets are regularly updated.

3. Regional expertise

Maximise the potential of your agricultural tenancy and get help making informed decisions with our selected panel of Rural Surveyor Firms.

4. Legal guidance

Get specialist legal advice from your regional NFU legal panel firm for help navigating legal complexities with confidence.

5. Financial assistance

Opt in to our Legal Assistance Scheme (LAS) for just £38+vat per year and you can get professional guidance and contributions towards professional costs incurred in relation to agricultural legal disputes (e.g. rent review arbitration).

6. Rent review support

Already an LAS subscriber? You can get support from the Tenants’ First Advice Service when facing a rent review. Contribution of up to £600 towards professional advice required to prepare budgetary reports for assessing the rental value of a farm.

7. Insurance coverage

Partnered with NFU Mutual, our Tenants’ Professional Expenses Cover safeguards you against the costs of rent arbitrations or dispute escalating to the Agricultural Land Tribunal. For more information, contact your local NFU Group Secretary.

Representing tenant farming members

The role of the NFU is to deliver on behalf of our farmer and grower tenant members, fighting for the best deal for your business. We’re here to make sure your voice is hears and your interests are prioritised:

Regional representation

Locally, our Regional Tenants’ Spokespeople and County Representatives are on hand to address specific concerns and offer guidance on matters affecting your farm. There are also annual meetings with a number of big institutional landlords, enabling us to address matter that arise throughout the year, and insight into future planning of these large landowning bodies.

National representation

Led by the NFU Deputy President along with the NFU Senior Rural Surveyor, we spearhead initiatives to champion tenant rights and influence policy decisions. The NFU have dedicated policy advisers dealing with all aspects of tenancies ranging from day to day matters, interaction with Government and representation on the Tenancy Reform Industry Group (TRIG).

Engage with us

We offer invaluable opportunities for you to engage through our regional tenant meetings and biennial national Tenants’ Conference, giving a platform to raise queries, stay abreast of the latest development in tenancy topics and hear the views of politicians, tenancy professionals and tenants farmers themselves.

More for tenant members

Professional Expenses Cover

What is Professional Expenses Cover?

The relationship between tenants and landlords of agricultural holdings is governed by agricultural tenancy legislation and individual tenancy agreements. Occasionally disputes can occur and this is where the NFU Mutual’s professional expenses cover for tenant farmers comes into action.

Why you need this policy?

This insurance policy protects your business from the potential costs of going to rent arbitration to secure a fair rent, the cost of a hearing at the First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) in England (FtT), or the cost of a hearing at the Agricultural Land Tribunal in Wales (ALT). Cover is available provided the policy is taken out before the service of the rent review notice which results in the demand for arbitration or any other relevant notice that results in a referral to an FtT/ALT. 

If you receive a relevant notice from your landlord, you should try to reach an amicable agreement through negotiation. Hopefully this will avoid going to arbitration or an FtT/ALT hearing. However, when the dispute cannot be settled in this way, and when the arbitrator is appointed or a formal referral is made to the FtT/ALT, the NFU Mutual’s professional expenses cover for tenant farmers is here for you.

What does the policy offer?

If you have met the conditions outlined in the policy, can provide evidence of attempted negotiations with your landlord or their agent, and you can prove throughout the case that you have a reasonable prospect of being successful in pursuing your case or defending your position, the policy offers the following:

  • Financial cover against the costs of negotiation and representation following the appointment of an arbitrator or a formal referral to the FtT/ALT under the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 or the Agricultural Tenancies Act 1995 for rent arbitration or a hearing at the FtT/ALT
  • The costs and expenses of a chartered surveyor, agricultural valuer, expert, solicitor and/or barrister from the date that an arbitrator is appointed, or the dispute is referred to the FtT/ALT
  • A limit of £20,000 for each individual arbitration or referral to FtT/ALT, with no limit to the number of claims during any one year
  • Any costs (excludes fines, penalties, or increased rent costs) awarded to the other party in the dispute by an arbitrator or FtT/ALT
  • Landlord costs awarded against you if you are ultimately unsuccessful at the end of a claim which is covered under the policy, subject to the same cover limit
  • Peace of mind knowing this policy works alongside and complements the NFU Legal Assistance Scheme (LAS) to provide NFU members with comprehensive protection in the event of a tenancy dispute.

How much does it cost?

NFU Mutual’s professional expenses cover for tenant farmers costs £175 per annum.* There is no excess to pay and a discount of 10% is available in exchange for a three-year commitment or 15% discount for a five-year commitment, off the cost of your premium.

Please note: that on the 1st July 2013, the Agricultural Land Tribunals in England were replaced by the First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber). The Agricultural Land Tribunal for Wales is still applicable.

For more information contact your local NFU Mutual Office or NFU Group Secretary.

*Price correct as of date of publication and excludes Insurance Premium Tax.


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