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12 April 2023

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To keep up to date with breaking news, connecting with other members, and see how we are talking to a public audience, our social media channels might be just what you need.

Find specific accounts talking about what matters most to our members. And when you're on your social media channels don't forget to share some of our great social media campaign resources. 

@NFUlife on Instagram

Want to keep up-to-date with how the NFU is working for its members? Follow us on Instagram NFULife.

Our Instagram account keeps you informed with everything we do and how we champion British farming in England and Wales.

You'll find snippets from member and stakeholder meetings, MP visits, policy and sector-based wins and show you how we are fighting to create an environment where farming businesses can thrive for years to come.

@BackBritishFarmingNFU on Instagram

This is our public facing Instagram channel, showcasing farming and food. To see how we talk to the public follow @BackBritishFarmingNFU on Instagram too.

The channel celebrates everything that's great about the beautiful landscape and healthy British food. It keeps the public informed about what our farmers do to maintain the countryside we all cherish and educates people on where their food comes from. 

@NFUTweets on Twitter

@NFUTweets is our main Twitter account but we have other sector specific ones too.

We try and respond to as many tweets as possible. Our account isn't always manned before 8.30am, after 6pm or at weekends.

Who else can I follow?

For the latest on Westminster and our activities with government, follow our External Affairs team in Westminster on @NFUPolitical.

Regional Twitter accounts

NFU on Facebook

We have two Facebook accounts, one for members and one to promote our campaigns to the public.

Our member facing NFU Facebook account keeps you informed with about how we're supporting farmers and growers across England and Wales.

For the public, our Back British Farming Facebook account celebrate everything that's great about the beautiful British countryside and healthy British food. We share lots from our Back British Farming campaign.

We’re asking the public to Back British Farming by seeking out British produce and enjoying the fruits of their labours. By doing so, fans will be playing an important part in helping our farmers and growers to deliver even more now and to our future generations.

Back British Farming on TikTok

TikTok is the leading short-form video platform where authenticity and realness are celebrated, and trends are born, where over 50% of the audience on TikTok are under 35. We use the channel to present a positive view of British farming in fun and authentic ways.

Follow and share our TikTok channel – @BackBritishFarmingNFU

The aim of the Back British Farming TikTok channel is to put British farming on the radar of younger people and those who may not be familiar with farming. Our stories will help followers to consider farmers and where their food comes from.

NFU on LinkedIn

NFU (National Farmers'​ Union) on LinkedIn will give you the latest farming news and the NFU's analysis of issues affecting British agriculture.

We don't advertise any jobs through our LinkedIn page. For more information on available jobs, visit the NFU Jobs page.

YouTube: NFUTube

The NFU YouTube channel was established in 2007 and news, views and spotlights the types of farming carried out in Britain from our latest campaigns and policy work.

This page was first published on 12 November 2021. It was updated on 12 April 2023.

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