"The Department of Dairy Related Wholesome Affairs"

AHDB Consumer Campaign _48866

The initial £1.2m 12-month push is run by the industry-wide Dairy Market Development Forum and funded by Dairy UK and the AHDB

Over the next year spoof public service ads from the fictional "Department of Dairy Related Wholesome Affairs" will appear in newspapaers, on the tube, and on billboards across the country particularly aimed at wooing millenials and highlighting the presence (and the tastiness!) of dairy in everyday food products consumed by many.

Paid job roles have been advertised on LinkedIn seeking dairy enthusiasts for roles such as "Minister for Milk," "Director of Cheese (Hard and Soft)" & "Head of Butter," with junior roles for "Chief Yoghurt Officer" and "Ice Cream Cone-oisseur."

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The campaign will be predominantly online and the Forum are asking farmers and the industry at large to get behind it and show support.

Farmers will have the opportunity to actively get involved in the new year through promotional banners and "Farmer Packs" - more details to follow.

View the promotional video that will start appearing across social media channels here