Total ban of sky lanterns in Wales

Sky lanterns_44052

Essentially a small hot air balloon made of paper, with an opening at the bottom where a candle is suspended, sky lanterns can float for miles before they fall to the ground, causing a danger to animals and a fire hazard.

The NFU has been encouraging councils across Wales to ban the dangerous lanterns. NFU Cymru Rural Affairs Board Chairman, Hedd Pugh said: “All lanterns must land somewhere and while they may look pretty in the sky, they can cause damage to buildings and fields, injure and kill animals as well as become unnecessary litter across our beautiful countryside.

“The news that all local authorities across Wales have now banned the release of sky lanterns on council-owned property is welcome news and sees Wales leading the way in tackling this problem.

“We would urge everyone to think of alternative activities to mark a special occasion to avoid the dreadful consequences to the countryside and animals.”

If your local council isn't already supporting the ban there are things that you can do to help:

If you hear back from your Council- tell us about it! Email Y2FtcGFpZ25zQG5mdS5vcmcudWs= ?