NFU18: Livestock Information Programme

Commodity Session - Livestock NFU18_51970

The livestock sectors need a programme that will enable data to flow up and down the supply chain, helping to deliver on:

  • Reducing endemic disease
  • Improving risk based trading
  • Improving feedback to the producer, enabling on farm improvements such as genetics 
  • Allowing greater traceability to demonstrate food provenance, proving critical for both domestic and export customers

The Secretary of State Michael Gove recognised the strong case that the NFU has already made and promised to make a positive announcement shortly.

Subsequently, Defra minister George Eustice and Chief Veterinary Office Nigel Gibbens highlighted the need for the Livestock Information Programme. While industry panel members and the audience at the livestock breakout session of NFU18 commented on the value industry places on a single multi-species service based on modern technology, and its potential to be transformational for the industry.

The clip below contains all the key references to the Livestock Information Programme:

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