About us

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The British Protected Ornamentals Association (formerly the British Bedding & Pot Plant Association - the BBPA) was founded in the late 1970s to promote bedding plants.

Our Mission Statement

"To ensure that resources are directed towards growers needs for R&D, marketing & political representation thereby assisting growers to grow together and raise the profile of their industry"

The BPOA is a trade association representing both growers and the allied trade within this sector of horticulture.

Today, the Association's primary aim is to ensure that resources are directed towards grower's needs for R&D, marketing and political representation, thereby helping nursery businesses to grow together, and raise the profile of their industry. This is achieved through the activity of the Association's Technical Committee and Home Grown Users' Group.

The BPOA is a specialist group of the National Farmers' Union (NFU) and we make good use of the influence and political lobbying strength of the NFU to ensure ornamental plant growers' interests are well represented within the wider horticultural and agricultural arena.

By helping bedding plant, pot plant, cut flower and other ornamental plant growers work together, the Association aims to achieve common goals that enable all growers to move forward in an ever changing marketplace.