Poultry Industry Programme highlights career opportunities in seminar

PIP next generation seminar_54103

The group highlighted the various opportunities the farming industry itself has to offer across the poultry sector, including roles such as farm managers, poultry technicians, hatchery managers and more.

In addition to conventional roles on the farm, many of the PIP participants themselves have jobs in the wider industry that are vital for the poultry sector such as vets, nutritionists and feed experts.

PIP participant James Smaldon said: “The poultry sector is an incredibly exciting sector and there are so many opportunities available for young people. Whether you come from a farming background and want to be hands-on down on the ground, or if you are a scientist interested in genetics – there is something for everyone.

“As an industry, we are embracing technology and innovation so there is no shortage of exciting new developments coming down the pipeline to make the sector even more high-tech.

“As a group, we wanted to highlight what is on offer and get people excited about joining the poultry industry. The Poultry Industry Programme has given us a fantastic platform to do this and I would encourage anyone who works in the poultry sector to consider applying to be part of the next cohort".

NFU poultry board member David Speller, who presented at the seminar, said: “As a farmer and business owner, there are so many skills that are incredibly important to how my business is run. To run a successful business, you need people with managerial, technical, negotiating, communications or technological experience, to name a few.

“I am passionate about technology and innovating my business and the people with the right expertise who can help me do that are invaluable.

“That is why I wanted to support the Poultry Industry Programme today because making our sector attractive for the next generation is imperative to ensuring we are sustainable and fit for the future.”

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