Mid-Tier Countryside Stewardship deadline extended

Pollen and nectar margin, Nottinghamshire_20065

The extension has come as a result of NFU lobbying. The NFU asked for this extension because Natural England (NE) are still issuing application packs, leaving some applicants with less than a month to complete the application.

NE has reassure the NFU that all application packs will be issued this week. Although many will still need to wait a week or two for the Historic Environment Farmed Environment Record to inform their applications.

In asking for the extension the NFU is aware this may impact on NE’s ability to deliver on parts of CS, for example, issuing agreement offers on time. The NFU has called on government to ensure the resources are available to allow NE to work through the backlog of CS delivery issues and get delivery back on track e.g. agreement offer made before agreements start, timely payments etc.

If you did not request an application pack by 31 May 2018, you will not be able to apply this year.